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Russel's sourdough bread. Caramel butter 32

Spicy plate, kosho, apple skhug, grape leaves 31

Croquette. Cream. pecorino 32 months 36

Chopped liver. Duck fat. Challah bread 48

Yellowtail tartare. Rifat. Fennel seed aioli 66


In Between

Romaine lettuce. Caesar aioli. Dry gramulata. Egg 52

Crispy rice. Cured red tuna. Herbs 52

                 Tuna sashimi. Blood orange ponzo. Ginger salsa 72

Soft polenta. Mushroom ragout. Parmesan. Asparagus 68


Main Course

Fettuccini. Citrus butter. Citrus. Fennel Blonde 82

Jerusalem risotto. Roasted JLM artichoke & parmesan 89

Sea Bass. Potato cream. Morel mushroom demi-glace 124

Sirloin. Wine sauce. The greatest mashed potato 142

Hanger Steak skewer. Miso. Black cabbage 139



Bavaria. Toffee. Almonds 38

Chocolate mousse. Olive oil. Hyssop 38

Sticky dates cake. Rum Toffee. Streusel 46

Caramel cream. Caramel&Caramel&Caramel 42

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